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The map room entrance. Notice the marabout, just faintly visible in the top right corner of the film frame, and also visible in the shot from 2001. This is actually the marabout of Sidi Bouhlel, located at the entrance to "Star Wars Canyon" - where the procession of the Ark was shot. It is a short distance from the Tanis Digs location. Notice also the faint remnants of the road which is clearly visible in the screen capture. The foam blocks are styrafoam remnants of the entrance facade built by the Raiders art department.

Close-up of the Marabout.

Compare the pattern of the trees here to that in the frame capture. The well of the souls entrance is roughly dead ahead, beyond the palm trees, and off to the right and out of frame would have been the Flying Wing airstrip.

Indy's view of the Map Room entrance through the transit.

The map room viewed from further to the left.

A wider shot, again from further left than Indy's view.

Indy's view of the Well of the Souls entrance, through the transit.

The same view taken from roughly the same spot on the ledge Indy was on, in 2001. Note the small, light colored "peak" that pops up just in front of the green treeline.

Note the matching skyline of the mountains.

Indy atop of the entrance to the Well of the Souls. Note the skyline.

The same shot in 2001. The ridge is where Indy was standing when looking through the transit, but he was further to the left.

The Flying Wing airstrip. From here, the WOS entrance is just out of frame to the left. Note the green trees popping up behind the hills on the right side of the frame.

Matching trees and mountain skyline, but taken from a lower angle. The Flying Wing airstrip was torn up and the concrete found a new use- in the construction of a home down the road!

Taken from roughly the same angle. The concrete circlse you see hear is a smaller circle that was off to the side of the main Wing airstrip.

I suspect this shot was done somewhere between the Tanis Digs site and the "Star Wars Canyon." Note the distinct point sticking out of the skyline.

That same point is visible in these shots, from other angles.

Again the Marabout of Sidi Bouhlel pops up in the film!

Roughly the same angle...

You can just make out the remains of where the road was. Notice the short fence (on the left - inside of the road), that was still there twenty-one years later.

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